Triqueta: The 1st Marketplace to trade Gaming Highlights.

Buy, sell and collect digital collectibles featuring iconic content of your favorite pro gamer.


A Marketplace to trade limited edition gaming highlights.


Specialized in gaming / e-sports NFT sector, helping to monetize archives​.

First to Market

The first platform dedicated to trading gaming highlights​.

Easy to use

As easy as buying/selling on ebay. No crypto-wallet needed.​


Troon Technologies: Troon is an end-to-end, blockchain agnostic NFT development partner​.


Who can join Triqueta?​

The potential of NFTs in the gaming sector is huge. Please refer to below numbers for reference.


  • Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) have grown to a $250M market in 2020*
  • Investment in NFTS rose 299% in 2020*
  • Expected $750 market in 2021 surpassing $2B by 2022


  • Average spend on gaming of millenials in US = $112/month*
  • 71% of US millenial gamers watch gaming video content, on average nearly 6 hours/week*
  • Donating $29 in donations/month to their favourite content creators*
  • Donations account for 30% of gaming video content revenue*

Quarter 1 | 2022

  • Pitch Lead Investors
  • Developing Prototype NFT Marketplace
  • Onboarding Pro Gamers
  • Triqueta Discord and Twitter accounts on air

Quarter 2 | 2022

    • Developing MVP NFT Marketplace
    • Onboarding Pro Gamers
    • Growing Triqueta Community


Quarter 3 | 2022

  • Developing Beta Triqueta Marketplace
  • Onboarding Pro Gamers
  • Growing Triqueta Community